Voice Over The Internet Service

Voice over the Internet phone systems, or VoIP, have grown in popularity over the last few years, mainly because of price. Businesses and home users get all of their calls and services for a fixed rate.

Choosing the Right Voice Over Talent for a Phone System

The first choice a business needs to make is whether or not they want to use a male or female voice as its front. Female voices tend to be used more for sophisticated, classy products and services, while males are typically used for products and services that are fun and high energy. This differs from business to business, but it's a good idea to test any voice over copy using both voices before making a decision.

The more important consideration when trying to find the right voice over talent for a voice over Internet phone system is the price. Voice over Internet phone service offers a wealth of different features to customers (caller ID, call forwarding, call conferencing, etc.) for free, which means having a lot more copy for a professional to record. It's a good idea to find a voice over artist that doesn't charge by the piece or by the project but instead by the total time of the actual recording. In other words, find a voice over artist that will charge a fixed price for 30 or 60 seconds of recorded material.

ProVoice USA offers a full suite of services to customers, and provides pricing plans based on total recording time so a business will always know in advance how much it's going to be charged.