Voice Over Production Companies

Voiceovers provide an important service to any business via advertising and branding. With voiceovers it is possible for a business to incorporate information about new products into an on hold message system, or it is possible to create low-cost advertisements for local television or radio stations.

Choosing the Right Voice Over Production Company

Some voice over production companies only offer the services of a single narrator, either male of female. The main drawback is the lack of choice. More importantly, if a business wants to use the services of multiple voiceover artists they will have to pay extra for each additional artist on top of the recording studio.

Other voiceover services only offer the recording of voice tracks. Without the ability to layer music or sound effects, voiceover recordings sound dull and bland. Again, having to rely on a second facility increases the overall costs of the process. For some recordings the price for a complete advertisement or on hold message can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

ProVoice USA provides voiceover recordings and services to businesses around the country. ProVoiceUSA also offers the services of both male and female narrators so a business is never limited to a single option. Best of all ProVoiceUSA has all of the equipment necessary to produce a recording from beginning to end, including music and sound effects.