Real Estate Audio Tour

Many real estate agents and brokers are using audio tours coupled with interactive 360 degree virtual open houses to market properties. Multimedia presentations that combine audio narration describing a property's features and amenities with tours score high points with home buyers, Considering how many people start their home searches online, these videos can attract a lot of eyes.

The Value of a Professional Audio Tour

Real estate professionals usually finance these 360 degree virtual presentations, often with relatively limited budgets. The cost of hiring a professional to record the audio tour is well worth the investment, as a great deal of time can be saved on the production of the video. Experienced performers don't take long to get a script sounding right, and short narratives can sometimes be completed within the same business day.

To make the auditioning process easier, producers should have a good script for the audio tour ready to go before approaching a performer. Most performers will accommodate requests from clients who want to hear a dry run of the script before it's recorded to make sure the material is being delivered in the right tone. Real estate audio tours usually use an objective, informational tone that remains purely descriptive. Yet, there's something uniquely convincing about professional narration that enhances the overall value of the production.

The performers at ProVoiceUSA are available for radio, TV and online promotional work. The studio works with clients around the world, matching quality talent with budget-conscious clients seeking everything from podcast narration to radio and TV imaging and sweepers.