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No Haggle Easy Pricing. For :10 or less= $20, $30 for :30, $45 for :60.

Voice Talent for TV and radio commercials, professional Voice Overs for TV and radio imaging, narration, corporate videos, websites, clubs, presentations, phone systems, on hold, phone broadcasting, real estate tours/shows and podcasts...if you need a voice for it, you found the right place. Need it fully produced ready to air? Yep, got that covered as well.

Unlike most voice talent/audio production facilites, we don't base our rate on the 'market size', or 'how long it airs for', we just charge for how long it takes us to do the job...and a low rate at that. Don't let the price fool you, we are serious about what we do and offer the best in voice talent and audio production. If you are a radio and or TV station looking to hire a new image voice, give us a call and we can talk monthly retainer prices. This is a buy out..once you pay for the voice over, it's yours to do with what you want, no additional fees down the road. If you are needing phone prompts and/or numerous smaller voice overs, we basically add up all the voice files and base the price that way (and not charge separate for each individual file). If you have any questions about how the rates and such work, call or email...it's straightforward and more than fair.

New Sweeper/Image pricing: ProVoiceUSA has partnered exclusively with a world wide known image producer to bring you the most cutting edge image work for as little as $20 per produced sweeper, drop, etc. 10 seconds or less of dialogue per sweeper is $20 produced (and you will get a dry version as well). This is for image work like the imaging demo on our demos page, built with sound elements in house (not including specialty sounds required/etc). $30 mimimum for dry liners, or $60 minimum for produced. Ask if you need clarification.

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