Professional Radio Voice Over Jobs

Radio voice over talent seeking paying jobs have a world of new opportunities awaiting them thanks to the digital media revolution. Internet radio has exploded, and voice over talent is needed for everything from podcasts to news and information segments. Landing that first paid job can be challenging, but the Web is full of opportunity.

Finding Work for Radio Voice Over Talent

Signing with an agency is a proven route for many voice over professionals, but many talented performers find non-union jobs and self-directed careers more rewarding. A freelance approach leaves them free to pursue opportunities in television, radio and other media forms, whereas many agencies try to pigeonhole performers into prescribed specializations to make it easier to keep a steady flow of work coming in. This can lead to burnout, caused by doing the same type of job again and again and again.

To find work, it's important for actors to get their names out there. This is best done by creating demos that show the performer's skill with a variety of different styles and getting them into the hands of as many prospective employers and clients as possible. Once a performer starts to garner a reputation for reliability and quality, jobs get easier and easier to come by. Ideally, the journey will culminate in rewarding ongoing partnerships with producers, studios and clients.

Talented professionals seeking jobs can contact ProVoiceUSA, a well-established Southern California studio with an ongoing need for both male and female performers. ProVoiceUSA is led by Chris Davies, a recognized industry veteran who's worked for a long list of prominent clients.