Learn About Voice Over Fundamentals

There are three fundamental elements of any voice over production, and each requires time and attention in order to be completed accurately. Each element of voice over recording is just as important as the last, which is a fact many business' overlook. Some businesses, for example, may spend very little time developing the content of a voice over recording, which makes the actual recording process problematic. All too often businesses realize (sometimes too late) that the script doesn't work and they need to start over from scratch.

Getting Voice Over Production Right

Getting a voice over production right involves a number of different steps:

  • Develop the script the voice over artist will read
  • Hire the voice over artist that best suits the content
  • Record the content in an audio production facility
  • Choose music and/or sound effects to layer onto the voice over
  • Complete post production with the help of a sound engineer
  • Incorporate the voice over recording wherever needed

The entire process can take several weeks, especially if choosing to use multiple facilities to complete the entire production. An additional drawback of using several facilities is an increase in price. It is better for most businesses to do the groundwork early on to find an audio production facility that offers complete service from the beginning of the process to the end.

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